…ways to score a 10 on your mystery shop report!


Top 10

1. Read the shop guidelines (First on every editor’s list)

2. Be familiar with the questions in the audit form before you do the shop.

3. Care about your report. One editor said, “If I can tell that someone spent time working on the report, even if it has some typos or misses a few things, I’m relieved because I know the shopper cares and will be responsive.

4. Respond to the editor quickly. They have a deadline to meet.

5. Our editors love lots of details.

6. Don’t type in ALL CAPS!

7. Spell-check your report before submitting.

8. Editors try to give feedback so that your next report will be even better and are disappointed if the same mistakes are repeatedly made.

9. Devise a method to make sure you get the correct name of the person you shopped. Nothing erodes the credibility of a shop in the client’s eyes as an incorrect name.

10. Enter the shop in the online audit form as soon as possible to reduce forgotten details.


About Eric Larse

Eric Larse is co-founder of Seattle-based Kinesis CEM, LLC, which helps clients plan and execute their customer experience strategies through the intelligent use of customer satisfaction surveys and mystery shopping, linked with training and incentive programs. Visit Kinesis at: www.kinesis-cem.com
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